HEARTS Face Mask Reversible


M1010  Pink heart print or Indigo Batik


- 100% woven quilting cotton 120TPI - 2 layers
- Opening at top edge for filter pocket
- Adjustable Elastic loops fit around the ears for comfort and flexibility. 
- Reversible - Pink Print and Indigo Batik
- Elastics at top edge for better more secure fit

- regular size: 8"x4"  (20.3x10.1cm)

Made in Canada

The PB face mask is made of tightly woven 100% cotton.

It feels good against the skin all while acting as a measure of protection and promoting good habits during the current pandemic.

All PB Masks are designed to accommodate an extra layer of fabric that we call ‘the filter'.  Several medical professionals recommended dried, unscented baby wipes as appropriate for filters in fabric masks.  They also include elastics at top edge for more secure fit around the nose.

Carefully researched and thoughtfully designed and made in our own factory in Montreal.

For health and safety reasons, returns or refunds are not available.

Disclaimer: This mask does not replace medical grade masks. The best way to stay protected from the virus is to stay at home and through physical distancing.